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Vacations Change More Than You Think After Children

Vacations Change More Than You Think After Children
Kiley Morrow

Kiley Morrow

Kiley Morrow is a travel/lifestyle blogger from Ocean City, MD. She has a passion for seeing new places and writing about it. She’s worked previously with Beaches, Sandals, and Great Pineapple Resorts.
Kiley Morrow

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If you and your partner love traveling, you need to acknowledge that your lifestyle will completely change once you decide to expand your family. Hopping from one continent to another is easy when there are only the two of you. 

However, it might not be that simple when there are a couple of kids by your side. After all, they require constant care, plus your luggage will be heavier than before. 

But don’t worry, vacationing with your kids can still be enjoyable if you adapt properly. Your adventures will require more planning before you arrive at your destination, but there will be no need to give up on your passion. Your kids will probably even grow up to be globetrotters like yourself, which is great. 

So here is everything you need to know about the changes you will need to make once you decide to start vacationing as a family. 

No schedule

Sightseeing and waiting in long lines just to enter a museum or see an exhibition should be left in the past until your kids become teens. 

They will not be interested in the history of a place – kids simply do not have time for that. Instead, travel without any strict schedule. Yes, you can make some general guidelines but be ready to make some modifications because you never know what might happen in the meantime. 

If your kid wants to run around a park and chase pigeons, allow them to do so. Don’t put a stop and drag them the other way. Your little one is having fun and that is what vacationing as a family is all about. You have probably seen plenty of tourist attractions before so a couple of them can wait until your kid gets a bit older 

Odd luggage

When you were traveling with your partner only, sometimes a backpack was all you two needed. You were able to pack everything in less than an hour. Once the kids come into the picture, your luggage will completely change. 

Of course, there will be more clothes and cosmetics but you can expect piles of toys and gadgets as well. So yes, be prepared to pack some unexplainable things which your kid might not even touch during your family vacation. But that is completely okay. You can set some limits but also go with the flow as well. There will be some extra pieces as well, such as a stroller if your little one needs it, so be ready to carry it around.

Destinations are more limited

One of the biggest changes will be in terms of the available destinations. You will not have unlimited possibilities once your kids start traveling with you.

Instead, you need to find places that are more family-oriented and that have plenty of activities which will be interesting to your little ones. Some locations do have day care as well which can be quite useful, especially if you are traveling without a babysitter, relatives, or grandparents.

A good way to go with this is by choosing an all-inclusive resort. They have all of this, plus you can more easily set your budget and there’s a lot to do for all age ranges and activities for families. Just make sure that you choose a family resort, not an adults-only all-inclusive. You won’t want to end up at a place where activities revolve around alcohol and romantic ambiance.

Other good options include theme parks, renting a lake house, camping trips, and even Disney World.

Avoid long flights that might include waiting at an airport because your kids might not feel comfortable with that. Also, some families tend to stick to the same destinations each and every year because they know what to expect. There are no surprises and they are familiar with a place which might be easier for the kids as well.

Inviting the grandparents

There will still be plenty of opportunities for you and your partner to spend some alone time together. So the best way to arrange that is to invite the grandparents to join you on the family vacation. T

here is even a possibility that you could get a discount since you might be traveling as a group. They can babysit the kids when needed so the two of you can go to a restaurant, or explore the nightlife. You don’t have to constantly worry about your kids on your vacation and you will get some time off by taking the grandparents with you. They are reliable and will take a good care of your little ones.

Getting used to the new environment

Some kids do have issues adapting to a new bed, which might be a problem during a family vacation. So you will not get plenty of sleep either because there might be some temper tantrums if you are traveling with a toddler. Your little one can end up sleeping in weird places such as floors and closets, or they might be in your bed.

You need to be prepared for any scenario, especially if it is your first family vacation. Kids are unpredictable, which makes them fun but it can also be a handful. You will probably find their sleeping adventures amusing a couple of years down the road. But be understandable during the vacation and allow them to adapt to the new environment.

Everything looks new to them, so there might be some confusion and misplaced excitement. Take it easy and try to embrace all the good.

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